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Joomla 1.5 Administrator Template JoomlaBamboo JB Crisp Feb 2010

Following on from the success of the Simpla Joomla admin theme, comes the Crisp Admin template for Joomla. While Crisp is not a huge departure from Simpla in terms of functionality it is a simpler, crisper design that is well suited to businesses and corporates that are using Joomla. Crisp smooths out the Joomla admin and provides a clean, minimal interface for your users to enjoy Joomla with.

Crisp and minimal

While you get a choice of 6 simple colour variations for Crisp, the real power in the interface are its simple and sleek lines. Crisp helps to reduce clutter in the Joomla admin which makes it easier to find information fast.

Now you see it now you dont ...

Because the sidebar accordion menu changes the basic layout of the Joomla admin there are some cases where displaying the menu is not such a good idea. So you get full control over when the menu appears. You can set it to auto hide, toggle it on or off or let Joomla hide it as it would any time the top menu is disabled - especially while editing content items or module parameters.

Quicklink icons ...

The Quicklink icons help you to create hot links to functions that you use frequently on your Joomla site. There are a myriad of icons to choose from with three size settings to set the right mood.

Lightweight and fast loading

The Crisp template is incredibly fast loading which we all know is a boon when it comes to working on a Joomla site. The images and template loads all of the necessities first which means that a slow connection doesnt mean that you have to wait for the menu to load - hello Kephri!

Compatible components

We have checked the Crisp theme across some of the most popular Joomla components used today to make sure that the component displays the way you are used to and in some cases displays even better. Check the documentation for components that we tested and tweaked to work with Simple.
Session refresh and session warning

You wont ever lose work or get locked out again now that you have a countdown clock built into the Joomla admin warning you of how much time is remaining in your session. Just to reinforce the fact that your session is about to end the browser will prompt you to refresh the page to avoid getting logged out.

Update notifier and Server time

Joomla Update Notifier - A Script that lets you know when or if you need to update Joomla.

Server Time - In those instances where you work in a different time zone to your server or general audience.




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